Hi everyone,

I've used Radiant for more than 10 web sites during the past 1,5 years, and I really like it. Definitely the best CMS for Rails.

However, I have a client whose content editor is very frustrated with the system. She can only just tolerate using Markup, and she refuses to write any kind of HTML - Radius tags falls into this category from her point of view. According to her, a proper CMS would hide all this "technical stuff" and provide custom forms for all types of content.

I know what the core team might answer: Radiant CMS was not built for this woman. It was built for small sites and content editors with a bit of technical insight. But Radiant is still the most user-friendly CMS that exists for Rails, and I don't really feel like coding PHP just get a more "advanced" UI, which will suck anyway.

So my question is: How do the rest of you handle this? How do you hide away "technical" stuff such as snippets, tags and css classes? Do you: - Use any of the WYSIWYG filters? (I've done this a few times, it has its own problems)
- Build very specific custom layouts for all variants for pages?
- Use a generic templating interface such as radiant-templates- extension to wrap everything up? - Write custom extensions to wrap all kinds of "elements" nicely in forms? (such as newsletters, spots, list of various items, etc.)

Can Radiant be palatable for content editors such as my client, or is it simply the wrong choice in this case?

Med venlig hilsen / Best regards,
Casper Fabricius

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