Casper Fabricius wrote:
However, I have a client whose content editor is very frustrated with the system. She can only just tolerate using Markup, and she refuses to write any kind of HTML - Radius tags falls into this category from her point of view. According to her, a proper CMS would hide all this "technical stuff" and provide custom forms for all types of content.

Casper, my "solution" would be to find a slightly more technical client :P
No, I'm joking (of course!)

Here's what I would recommend:
1. First, factor out as far as possible so that whatever is not page specific is in snippets. 2. If all she needs is a few styles of pages, I would create different page types or layouts. 3. Then tell her that the different parts that she wants need to go into different page parts. It would be cool if you could modify the "Add Child" behavior to allow you to select the kind of child page you want and then give you a blank page with all the different tabs created (page parts)... or it could be done with a bit of Javascript that detects when you change the Layout/ page and automatically adds in the different page parts? It could even be a special drop down box next to the Page Type that triggers the actions? 4. The problem: she still needs to use textile for some of the things, such as images. I'm not sure if the Textile Helper will help? It's been a while since I looked at it, but there's a hello world guide on my blog:
It could make some things easier for her, I hope... without going down the path of WYSIWIG.

If you do go down WYSIWIG, I hear good things about WymEditor - and Benny's on the list!

Of course, Casper, you are more experienced than I am. Do let us know what you eventually settle on :)

11/19/2008 | 2:45 AM.

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