Adam van den Hoven said the following on 11/18/2008 01:42 PM:
> You just hit on an interesting idea for an extension.
> Frequently, people are going to reuse the same bits over and over.  
> Instead of making them go find it, what if we put a "scratchpad" on  
> the right hand side of the parts (which will consume some space from  
> the parts but that should be OK the visibility is important). 

That's interesting.
One piece of software I use ha a number of vertical panels that can be
tuned on and off.  If you use Linux+KDE think of Konqueror+F9.
Now imagine things can be dragged from those panels...

We already have the things that go in the panel, which is primarily the
snippets and the tags.  Oh, and images.  Paperclipped has some kind of
'bucket', doesn't it, that appears anyway.

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