Yevgeny Smirnov said the following on 12/01/2008 04:25 PM:
> I think, it's good to create the following DB indexes:
>     add_index "pages", ["class_name"]
>     add_index "pages", ["parent_id"]
>     add_index "pages", ["slug", "parent_id"], :unique => true
>     add_index "pages", ["virtual", "status_id"]
>     add_index "page_parts", ["page_id", "name"], :unique => true

Yes, that DOES make a difference in performance!

My designs tend to make a lot of use of page-parts (and inheritance)
(_parts_) of the sidebar, sections of a page with "go to top" or
indexes.  So the page_part and parent_id bits are very effective.
(I never did figure out the 'virtual' stuff).

I suppose another set of indexes would be to the "order by' for the


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