Howdy all.

I am in a bit of a quandary about how to do this so would appreciated any advice.

Lets say I have a simple Radiant based site. Pages with sub-pages etc etc. All very simple.

However the user wants the navigation menu to be scrollable using little buttons Like the following

NAV1 - NAV2- NAV3- NAV4 <>

Clicking the > button would change the nav to

NAV5 - NAV6- NAV7- NAV8 <>

and so on using AJAX to update the navigation menu. This navigation menu is going to be on the one layout this site will use so all the pages will have it without exception. Now, how can I do this? Bearing in mind the following:

1. If I am on the page specified by NAV5 then the navigation menu should read NAV5 - NAV6- NAV7- NAV8 (Current page + 4 ) 2. The navigation menu replacement needs to be AJAX but the loading of the main pages doesn't HAVE to be (Although it can be if it makes things easier)

My thoughts so far.


Assign the button elements an onclick="" function in JavaScript that calls JavaScript Use a Custom JavaScript file to create all the AJAX requests to go to a custom controller Create a custom controller to handle AJAX requests and update the navigation bar. Custom controller uses the session to keep track of what should be displayed in the navigation menu.

When a page is rendered ... well, this is where I get stuck. How can I make the navigation bar display the current page + 4 based using only the tags available in Radius.

All this is a bit tricky to explain. I will try and get a site up so you can see the layout in question as it might make things easier. In the meantime if anyone has any ideas about this I would appreciate a second set of neurons looking at the issue.



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