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> Not my site and not my choice unfortunately. I already pointed these flaws
> out.
> The other problem is that the navigation menus makes use of honking great
> images which means that the navigation menu wouldn't fit in the page if it
> were displayed in full.
> Again I am aware of the drawbacks of such a set-up (I will put in a sitemap
> page if I can) but it isn't my site and the owner has definite ideas about
> how he wants it to look, it is very much form over function.


Has your client insisted that AJAX be used? If so, then the client is likely
just dropping a buzz word, or using the best fit he has in his vocabulary to
describe the effect he wants.

That same behavior can be achieved with client-side scripting. Loading a
number of large images is fine, because they don't have to be displayed on
page load. Put the full nav menu in the code of the page, and use CSS to
hide the ones the user doesn't need to see.

If the client absolutely has to have AJAX (even in spite of your
recommendation), then the client should be willing to pay for the extra
hours it will require for you write a Radiant extension explicitly for this
particular implementation of AJAX. However, if the client is willing to put
the latest Web 2.0 buzz words aside for a moment, you would be able to
deliver the functionality he's looking for along with decent on-page
performance in less time.

Typically, I tell clients that I can do things good, fast, and cheap, and
that they get to pick which two they want. In this case, best solution is
actually faster and therefore cheaper.

Hope that helps.

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