I am trying to get a handle on git and am having some difficulty
understanding how to manage my projects. My project was built outside of
version control where my extensions used were all git-cloned into my
project. Two of the extensions (page_attachments and copy_move) are using
previous revisions set up as local branches. The project directory was then
initialized as a local git repo and the remote.upload.url variable was set
up. I can 'git push upload master' to my online git server at Rails
Playground. It all seems to work properly, but if I try and git-clone my
project to test if it's working, none of the extensions have any files in
the vendor/extensions/extensionX directories.

In the past when I was using subversion to manage my projects a git-cloned
extension maintained its content. How should I be adding extensions to my
project so that travel with the project?

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