Yep, the pre_0.7 branch ended up working for me also.  Thanks!

From: Michael Kessler <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 24, 2008 7:30:41 AM
Subject: Re: [Radiant] WYM-Editor with Radius Tags


I had also exactly the same problem you described. The  commit ab11642 from 
Benny should solve that. But to be honest I never tried it by myself since I 
solved the problem in another way and Benny dropped his solution in favor of 
mine when he was merging.

Please notice that you should use the pre_0.7 branch for Radiant 0.6.9, we 
started to migrate the extension to Radiant 0.7 in the master branch. You must 
also update the extension with rake 
radiant:extensions:wym_editor_filter:update, because the glue code file 
radiant.wymeditor.js has been moved to the 
public/javascript/extensions/wym_editor_filter folder.

The latest version in the pre_0.7 branch worked fine for me.


On 24 Dec 2008, at 11:53 AM, Jordan Isip wrote:

> Hi All,
> Anyone having success with WYM-Editor playing nice with Radius tags? I'm 
> working on integrating the WYM-Editor filter by Jomz: 
> into Radiant 0.6.9 
> and I'm running into a couple issues:
> 1. This is probably known, but after installing the extension and running the 
> rake command, there are messages on the edit page that indicate missing page 
> partials.  Got around this by installing a recent version 
> (ab116424452f813963677d28398a0593088a975d).
> 2. Now this may have been fixed within the last week (after 
> ab116424452f813963677d28398a0593088a975d), but I am experiencing problems 
> with radius tags within the WYM-Editor filter. From what I understand, any 
> radius tags in the page content are converted to an hr tag for when editing 
> in the wym-editor, which are then converted back after save.  The problem is 
> that  it is not converting back.  Here is what I am doing:
> i. Using the <none> filter to write the snippet radius tag code
> ii. Click on Save & Continue and view the page (works as expected)
> iii. Go back to editor and switch to <wym-editor> filter (not modifying any 
> content).
> iv. Click on Save & Continue and view the page.  Radius tags are shown as 
> unconverted hr tags (<hr title="r:snippet name='section' title='section'" 
> class="radius_tag"/>)
> Has anyone experienced this?
> Is WYM-Editor the best option for this?  What are you all using for rich text 
> editors that work well with Radius tags and won't make clients' heads explode?
> Thanks!
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