On Feb 6, 2009, at 12:58 AM, N. Turnage wrote:

Jim Gay wrote:
Mysql::Error: Duplicate column name 'position': ALTER TABLE `templates` ADD `position` int(11)

It would appear that the templates table already has a position field before the migrations are run. Is it possible that you're working with a database that has some of the structure already setup?

That's how it appears to me as well and this happened on a fresh install of the templates extension. The process I have used is as follows:

On laptop:
- add extension as submodule
- cd to extension and git initialize and update extension
- cd back to project root
- migrate extension
- update extension
- git add files added by templates extension
- git push

On server:
- cd to project current root
- rake production extension

Migration dies trying to run 4th migration and now I cannot get into the admin page list.

I have tried migrating extension to VERSION=0 and completely removing it, but I still cannot get to the list of pages. It's late and I have no fight left in me tonight. If anybody has any info on what I can do just to get my site working again, I would be very appreciative. I don't know where to start looking to find out why the admin page list isn't showing up.

Take a look at what your log says
cd log
tail -900 producton.log
- that will show the last 900 lines. If you need more or less, change the number. Or you can do
tail -f production.log
- that will display the log as the requests come in, so do that and then hit the admin page in a browser and you'll see the log populated

I am curious, does radiant keep track of the schema anywhere in the file system that it would see that I have already migrated the extension before, albeit on my dev machine?

Radiant should update the schema.rb file

I've not yet used the templates extension so my help will drop off there, but if there are more than 4 migrations for it, you could manually alter the 'extension_meta' table to state that the 4th migration has already run (although not knowing the code I'm not sure if that would be skipping anything other than the position column being added)
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