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Jim Gay wrote:
Take a look at what your log says
cd log
tail -900 producton.log
- that will show the last 900 lines. If you need more or less, change the number. Or you can do
tail -f production.log
- that will display the log as the requests come in, so do that and then hit the admin page in a browser and you'll see the log populated

I am curious, does radiant keep track of the schema anywhere in the file system that it would see that I have already migrated the extension before, albeit on my dev machine?

Radiant should update the schema.rb file

Jim, thanks for you help. That tip for viewing the production log as it's happening is awesome. The really strange thing is that the admin area of the site miraculously started working on its own. Strange. But since I can never leave well enough alone, I am going to try and install the templates extension again. I like the way it works for some of the site parts that I use. So a few more questions related to extensions in general:

1) I have migrated to VERSION=0 the templates extension, removed it from my file system and removed it from my git repo, but I noticed that there is still an entry for the templates extension in the extension_meta table. Will I be creating a problem if I delete that record (the last in the table)? Are there any other hidden db tables where I might find some vestigial parts of that now removed extension?

You can remove that record if you have migrated down and uninstalled the extension. Assuming the templates extension migrations remove all that they added, you should see no record of it other than extension_meta with the possible and benign exception of the config table. If there were any configuration options set there then you might still find them, but they are unlikely to have an affect on the application.

2) Where in the Radiant space-time continuum is the schema info that would normally be in the schema.rb file kept? The schema.rb file is essentially empty and I cannot find the schema info in the db so I am wondering, where is it? I want to make absolutely sure that my db is free of templates info. BTW, I am using the gem of 0.6.9.

It should be in schema.rb. If you have migrated down, the schema.rb should be altered to remove those tables, so unless you have some other db-altering extensions, it will just have the default Radiant stuff.

It sounds like everything is working so you should be in the clear.


Jim Gay

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