I've decided to develop my next CMS type site in Radiant, and hopefully
make my CMS of choice, mainly because its simple, flexible and in Ruby.

What I would really like to do is setup a large machine running Radiant
for simple brochure type sites for many clients. Each client would get
their own radiant login for their site, and each site would have its own
domain, layouts, snippets etc without one client affecting the other.

In one case so far, I would like to run multiple sites for a single
user, sharing content.

I was hoping to run this with (1st choice) JRuby or (2nd choice)
Passenger for efficiency and maintainability.

I should then have minimal maintenance, setup and hosting costs per site
and be able to make some cash ;^).

I'm most concerned about Radiant's ability to keep these clients
a) assuming they are non-technical, I don't want them confused by seeing
each others content
b) where some malicious hacker gets a login to Radiant.

Any thoughts ? Is this possible now ? Anyone else wanting to achieve
this ?
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