Michael Kessler wrote:
> Nick Plate has done user scoping for the multi_site extension: 
> http://github.com/zapnap/radiant-multi-site-extension/commit/46a035d00126be51a49f431e4838f3968d156486
> but unfortunately he did it just before josh french converted the
> official tests to specs. So you have either the official multi_site
> with specs and no user scoping, or the user scoped multi_site with no
> specs. I planned to convert Nicks enhanced version with tests to
> specs, but I didn't found any free time until now.
> Michael

Could you keep us posted on this forum.

I really would like to have this.  I have installed 0.7.0

I am going to hold off using this until I can get multi-sites and users.

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