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Mr Magpie wrote:
Jeffrey Jones wrote:
There is an extension for the first part, running sites separately:


Not sure on its compatibility with radiant 0.7 nor running two separate
sites while sharing content.

Thanks for that. Does anyone know how seperate the sites are from each
other ?

Or is it mainly useful for a single user running multiple sites ?

Also, if I run each client as a seperate install of Radiant, would any
Ruby interpreter manage memory eficiently by only keeping one copy of
Rails and Radiant in memory ?

And how hard would it be for Radiant to support multiple independant
sites from a single install ?

I am trying to do the same thing.  I installed multi_site.  It does
provide for multiple sites, but from what I can determine does not
provide user scope.  That is each user is assigned to a site and the
user can ONLY see their pages/snippets/layouts.  So without that it
really does not do me any good to have all of my clients using one
radiant code base.

I'm in a similar situation and have found some code that gives the appearance of user scope for many of the more common extensions. The standard approach seems to be to hide the content from other users rather than deny them access which is not ideal but works well enough for my users.

I'd love to see a little more support for multi-site deployments. Ruby deployments are still quite resource intensive and running multiple sites on a single codebase is the best way to minimize resource usage right now.

Here are the two I have bookmarked though I also found similar projects for other extensions at github.

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