This is likely related to Dreamhost's Passenger settings. In order to conserve memory, they likely kill off idle Passenger processes quickly. This means that if your site is not accessed frequently, it will have to start up a new process almost every time. This is comparable to starting up a Mongrel from scratch - it takes several seconds. My suggestion - ask if Dreamhost can fix this or go with a different host.


MtnBiker wrote:
Radiant is slow for me on Dreamhost. Can take up to 3 minutes to load. Never
less than one minute if hasn't been loaded a while. A straight HTML page
takes seconds.

Is this normal or have I done something wrong?
I've different installations of Radiant, with and without embedded Rails.
Slow either way. After initial loading, reloading can be in seconds,
although slower than HTML. This site will not generally get much use. It
seems that once the site has been loaded, it loads faster. I don't think
it's caching on my machine that's doing it, because it's a small page with
one picture. But I'm not an expert, and haven't done any testing getting rid
of the cache, etc. The main problem is that if a stranger loads it, they'll
likely think something is wrong and give up and that's not acceptable.

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