MtnBiker said the following on 02/28/2009 09:51 AM:
> Radiant is slow for me on Dreamhost. Can take up to 3 minutes to load. Never
> less than one minute if hasn't been loaded a while. A straight HTML page
> takes seconds.
> Is this normal or have I done something wrong? 

Possibly.  But I suspect not.

I have half a dozen sites Dreamhosted and delays like that were never a

I have had them running from sqlite3 rather than mysql, with and without
 Passenger.  I've had other problems but never unacceptable delays.

> I've different installations of Radiant, with and without embedded Rails.
> Slow either way. After initial loading, reloading can be in seconds,
> although slower than HTML. This site will not generally get much use. It
> seems that once the site has been loaded, it loads faster. 

If this is shared hosting then you may be fighting a very basic problem
with multi-user machines.  You've been swapped out and the scheduler has
to swap you back in, and all the priority issues that go with that.

If you have a virtual machine there is the analogue of that at the
virtual layer.

Yes, I know tests show yamma yamma, but in reality the dominant thing is
that its the first 'wake-up' that is critical.

Its an operating system scheduling issue.

> I don't think
> it's caching on my machine that's doing it, because it's a small page with
> one picture. But I'm not an expert, and haven't done any testing getting rid
> of the cache, etc. The main problem is that if a stranger loads it, they'll
> likely think something is wrong and give up and that's not acceptable.

I'd suggest that you have some kind of CRON-scheduled 'tickler' that
does just enough to keep a bit of your process alive and awake but
doesn't produce such a heavy load that it impacts others.

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-- Jim Duncan
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