I'm new to Radiant andlike what I see however I'm struggling with
getting the comments extension working.  First things first here are
some version info.

Radian 0.7.1
Comments Extenstion URL - git://github.com/artofmission/radiant-comments.git
fastercsv 1.4.0
mislav-will_paginate 2.3.7

Getting all that installed was a piece of cake, however I ran into the
following problem(s).

1. When on the Pages tab of the Admin tool I got an error indicating
it could not find some partials.  Further investigation lead me to
realizing I had to rename the directory
vendor/extensions/comments/app/views/admin/page to
vendor/extensions/comments/app/views/admin/pages.  After that no more
problems in the admin tool.

2. My next problem is where I'm stuck.  I enable comments on a test
page, filled out the form, and then clicked on save.  Which came up
with a 404 error for /comments.  So I created that page and repeated
my test.  Page came up fine, however the comment did not save in the
database.  What am I missing here?  Is there a tag I need to add the
/comments page for it to save them?

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