There may be something else going on here. I had three subdomains trying
different radiant installations:

One was WITHOUT gallery installed and I get
this in my log SOMETIMES

Processing SiteController#show_page (for at 2009-03-06
17:46:07) [GET]
  Parameters: {"url"=>["assets", "closelabel.gif"], "action"=>"show_page",
Completed in 293ms (DB: 47) | 404 Not Found

I know a bit more now and think I should start over again. But not sure how
far to roll it back, meaning are my subdomains getting confused with each
other or cross the databases because I copied the database.yml. I definitely
have separate databases now, but in one of my several iterations might not

Thanks for your help Anton and hope I haven't run anyone through a useless
exercise, but I am learning.
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