About a year ago I created an extension to handle localization in Radiant, as none of the current solutions fit my needs, they all seemed a bit bulky and none of them seemed to gracefully fall back to sensible defaults in the absence of the requested language. I'm speaking of localizing site content here, not localizing the Radiant interface.

I've been using the extension in production on a couple different sites since developing it, and I hadn't given it much thought since the initial deployment. However, lately, I've gotten a few emails about it (from people who are using it), and one of them suggested including it in Radiant core. I wasn't aware of any content- localization solution in Radiant core, so I thought I'd mention this.

It doesn't currently have any bundled tests, but I would, of course, write those and make sure everything was covered before it would be considered for a merge into core. Also, it could use some cleaning up, but here's the current repo:


Any thoughts on this?

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