I'm currently looking at integrating radiant cms into our site. One of the requirements we have coming down the pipeline soon is internationalization.

Is there a best practice anyone could suggest for internationalization of the content with Radiant? I ran across a couple of posts from May 2007 about doing this, but am checking because I don't know if this is still the suggested route. Does the rails 2.3 feature of rendering internationalization snippets change any recommendations? (:render :partial => "foo" would render _foo.en.html or _foo.es.html depending on current locale)


What I envision is splitting out the content part of our app and integrating it into Radiant. We have someone who would then be able to translate & maintain the spanish version of the website. Content does not presently change too frequently, but would it if didn't require a complete application redeploy just to update a some portion of the content.

Any suggestions?

All feedback is greatly appreciated.


Doug Bryant

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