I've been struggling with this for many hours.
Problem:  I'm trying to get action mailer to use a google apps email address
to send email to other google apps email addresses.  The server the app is
running on is not configured to send email to other machines.

There is no debug output to speak of looking through server system logs, and
the /logs directory of the app.  Has anyone managed to get google apps email
working with the action mailer plugin?  I've found like 7 different methods
for enabling TLS and I've tried them all and none have worked.
I believe I have a "working" site configuration based on:
I had it setup to use sendmail (which my server does not use) and noticed
that it was failing appropriately since the server is not setup to send
email to other domains.  So it looks like the site page works OK (body,
mailer, email sections), it's just a matter of getting the action mailer
extension setup so it will use a TLS mailer plugin and login appropriately.

I HAVE tested the user account through Entourage and it works fine.

Has anyone else done this... successfully?
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