I've added my first Radiant extension to the registry. It's kind of a niche
product, but it may be useful to someone.

My band Tin Cat keeps its show calendar on the music site ReverbNation.com,
and we also have our own site. ReverbNation provides numerous widgets that
can be plugged into a site, so that you don't have to maintain multiple
calendars. But I wanted more visual control - I wanted the listings on our
site to look like the site.

Fortunately, ReverbNation also provides an RSS feed for each band's upcoming
shows. Well, RSS with some custom tags. So I wrote an extension that fetches
and caches the RSS feed with FeedTools, parses out the show listings, and
makes them available through Radius tags.

The extension is on GitHub:


It's tested but largely undocumented, aside from a sample snippet in the
README. You can see what that snippet looks like in action on the sidebar of
my band's site:


... Also, if you're near San Jose, CA, and you like live music, you should
totally check out the Left Coast Live festival this week. There's a post
about it on the site.

--Erik Ostrom
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