Emanuel Vinzent wrote:

with the underscores in the directiories will should be work ;-)
With the advent of git, we need a FAQ that explains how to rename extension directories after the extension is cloned to vendor/extensions. I guess there's a clean way to guess the directory name by looking at the xxxxyyyy_extension.rb in the newly created directory?

* when it's blog_tags_extension.rb -> the directory should be blog_tags;
* similarly, it's page_attachments when the file is called page_attachments_extension.rb
* and simply enough, gallery when the file is gallery_extension.rb

This should be foolproof, isn't it? Are there any known extensions that tend to use CamelCase (guess not!) or dashed-names (theoretically possible, but I haven't seen any).

5/14/2009 | 11:02 PM.

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