Mohit Sindhwani wrote:
Emanuel Vinzent wrote:

with the underscores in the directiories will should be work ;-)
With the advent of git, we need a FAQ that explains how to rename extension directories after the extension is cloned to vendor/extensions. I guess there's a clean way to guess the directory name by looking at the xxxxyyyy_extension.rb in the newly created directory?

* when it's blog_tags_extension.rb -> the directory should be blog_tags;
* similarly, it's page_attachments when the file is called page_attachments_extension.rb
* and simply enough, gallery when the file is gallery_extension.rb

This should be foolproof, isn't it? Are there any known extensions that tend to use CamelCase (guess not!) or dashed-names (theoretically possible, but I haven't seen any).

Or you could just use Ray to install extensions. If you manage your project with git, this is super easy to use. And if it, for some reason, can't install an extension, there is always "git submodule add". Ray is now the first extension I add to a project.

The only extension that throws me for a loop when I install it is the "radiant-extensions-extension". Try searching for that one in github. Searching "radiant extension" returns all of them.

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