Chaim Kirby wrote:
I am working on an academic webpage, and there is a desire to list
publications. No one wants to retype all of the publications for the

Ideally I would like a workflow of: 1)Export xml from EndNote 2)Click
"Make Pages" button in radiant 3)Paste xml
4)End up with how ever many pages in radiant as there were records in
the xml.

I am already using the page_parts extension for the parent of these
pages, so I think that the ruby side would be
1)Create Page
2)Parse xml tags
3)Link xml tags to page parts
4)place xml data into correct page part
5)publish page
6)Rinse, repeat
Must it be from the front-end? Or is it OK if pages are auto-inserted into the backend using a constantly running daemon/ an on-demand script?

5/21/2009 | 9:16 AM.

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