two days ago I installed it on 0.8.0 and it worked just fine... just follow the instruction we have on the blog

On 5/21/09 5:51 PM, N. Turnage wrote:
Cristi Duma wrote:
Hi.. I updated the DB_mailer extension to 0.7.1 a few weeks ago, and it works well for me. Do you get any errors? Did you delete the "save_to_database: false" line in the "mailer" page part.
I never had the "save_to_database: false" line in my mailer part. Could I somehow force it to save to the database with "save_to_database: true"?

Did you had the extension working on any version lower than 0.7.1?
I never tried it before this.

I am reinstalling the mailer and database_mailer extensions from scratch now to see if that helps.

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