Everyone -
Thought I would share with the list something I whipped up over the last
couple of days to scratch an itch I had while using Radiant.

While doing a lot of editing in the various textareas across the admin I
found myself getting a little annoyed from tabbing, or scrolling and
mouse-clicking the save or save & continue buttons.  When you're so used to
hitting "Ctrl-s" so regularly, the workflow inside of Radiant makes it more

So I put together my first extension to try and remedy this, kb_shortcuts -

Right now there are only 4 shortcuts - Save (ctrl+shift+s), Save and
Continue (ctrl+shift+c), view filters (ctrl+shift+f)
and view available tags (ctrl+shift+t)

Take a look and let me know if there's anything that could/should be added.


- Joel
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