I've done some hacking on the comments extension to include the inverse
(or negative) captcha filtering method as described by Sven Fuchs for
Mephisto at http://rubyurl.com/qEhI and, although it seems to be working
OK I'm not convinced that the code is as clean as it should be. The code
is at http://github.com/davec/radiant-comments/tree/inverse-captcha with
the changes being contained in a single commit (3598110).

In particular, the code to generate the email fields for the form as
implemented by the inverse_captcha_tags tag (in lib/comments_tags.rb) is
a mess, but I couldn't find any way to reuse the existing comments:error
and comments:text_field_tag tags. Maybe I overlooked something (most of
this was done late last night) and there's a way to DRY up the code.

If anyone has ideas to clean this code up, I'd appreciate hearing them.

David Cato

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