I don't believe and extension exists for that.

The problem with parsing out the keywords automatically would be that Radiant has no idea from where the content comes. The layout may pull information from another page and display it somewhere and you'd need to determine if this is relevant content for your keywords. If you, or someone, built that feature, it would probably need to make an assumption such as parsing the "body" page part and using it's content for the keywords but allow you to add others, or add other parts to parse. If it didn't do this, you'd need to render the entire page, parse the content for keywords, then record them and do the final rendering for the meta keywords.

Jim Gay

On Jun 23, 2009, at 10:12 AM, Haselwanter Edmund wrote:

Hi *,

I wonder if there is SEO extension which provides something like:

<r:meta:description_summery length="150"/>

auto generated out of the rendered pages. this would be a great deal :-)

The first would not be that hard to implement, I guess. The later could be retrieved through some indexing gem/plugin. I researched a bit in that area, but did not come up with a solution ...

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