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I already use this tags. But on a recent project it came to my mind, that as a starting point, it would be great if default values could be calculated from the content of the page. This would enhance the out-of-box SEO experience :-)

Search engines themselves are designed to find the most significant words in a page. Writing out the keywords yourself you can have an insight that a computer can't, but it's hard to imagine an automatic feature that could outperform google in their field of expertise.

if that would be true: why bother with meta tags?

I made the experience that google loves meta keywords and meta description

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Filling out keywords and descriptions is a pain but if you want your content to index properly there seems to be no better way. I like your idea of collecting the first bit of the content from the body for the description. It would need to skip over tags of course but in general I think it might help a little. _______________________________________________
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