I'm interested in using another templating language in Radiant besides Radius. I've not used Radiant yet, so I'm looking for an indication of whether it would be fighting against how Radius does things to follow this tack. If it was appropriate I'd be happy to code something in place.

As I understand, all content is processed for Radiant tags, issuing from a filter (like Textile or Markdown, etc) or from a layout. How hard would it be to, for example, write a hook which instead used HAML or XYZ templating language? My interest is less in HAML, though I'd probably start there as a proof of concept; it's more in using a templating language I'm developing right now.

If it isn't practical at all, let me know. On the other hand, if it's something people are interested in and is possible in the CMS, I'd be interested in discussing it.

Nicholas Faiz

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