On Jul 1, 2009, at 5:52 PM, Jordon Bedwell wrote:

I've decided to branch off the project so I can start to Learn both Ruby and RadiantCMS for more than how to powerhouse and run a server for it. Can anyone help me with this error: undefined method `cache_page' for module

It means roughly what it says. The method 'cache_page' is undefined (it doesn't exist) in Radiant::Cache A simple search and replace of ResponseCache with Radiant::Cache won't do the trick. You'll need to dive into Rack and Rails a bit to understand Radiant::Cache
Rack::Cache is relatively new, new to Rails, and new to Radiant.

You may even find that you throw away most of what this extension does (I don't personally know it well) because Radiant used to handle it's own caching with ResponseCache but it now basically hands off the heavy work to Rack::Cache (via Radiant::Cache) Start digging into Radiant::Cache and follow it into Rack::Cache (bundled with the Radiant source) and at first glance you may want to look at Rack::Cache::EntityStore::Disk "write" method

class StaticHtmlCacheExtension < Radiant::Extension
        version "0.1a"
        description "\"Static\" (X)HTML Caching"
        def activate
                Radiant::Cache.instance_eval { include StaticHTMLCache }
        def deactivate

module StaticHTMLCache
        def self.included(base)
                base.instance_eval do alias_method_chain :cache_page, :html
        def cache_page_with_html(metadata,content,path)
                return unless perform_caching
                logger.info("Caching Page: #{cache_path}")
                metadata = YAML.load(metadata)
                if (File.extname(cache_path).blank? ||
File.extname(cache_path) == ".seo") && (metadata['Content- Type'].nil? ||
                        cache_path = cache_path + '.html'
                        File.open(cache_path, 'wb') { |f| f.write(content) }
                        rescue Errno::EISDIR, Errno::EEXIST
                        logger.error "StaticHTMLCache::NameCollisionError
(Directory MisRepresentation):\n Strange Naming Scheme for URI: #{path}"
        def html_cache_path(path)
                cache_path = page_cache_path(path)
                if (cache_path.ends_with?('_site-root'))
                        cache_path.sub!(/_site-root$/, 'index')

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On Jul 1, 2009, at 4:34 PM, Jordon Bedwell wrote:

Does anybody know of a plugin that "actually" works for static
caching? Or a
way I can pull the Radiant Cache Files with NGINX. Right now we
would like
to maintain control over output speed, and with Flickr having such
response times on their API we tend to lock up for a second and a
refresh on
a page causing RadiantCMS to avoid it's own internal cache and
which tends to lead to a slow page. We tried the simple static_caching
extension listed on the extensions page, however, we get horrible

www:/var/app/radiant# script/extension install static_caching

Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/static_caching/.git/

remote: Counting objects: 175, done.

remote: Compressing objects: 100% (145/145), done.

remote: Total 175 (delta 61), reused 49 (delta 21)

Receiving objects: 100% (175/175), 28.31 KiB, done.

Resolving deltas: 100% (61/61), done.

rake aborted!

Don't know how to build task

This likely means there is no migrate task.

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

rake aborted!

Don't know how to build task

Also, there is probably no update task.

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

www:/var/app/ radiant# rake production db:migrate:extensions

(in /var/app/ radiant)

rake aborted!

uninitialized constant StaticCachingExtension::ResponseCache

I'm assuming you are running on Radiant 0.8.0 which has done away with
ResponseCache and now uses Radiant::Cache
So this static_caching extension probably has not been updated for
Radiant 0.8.0

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

Actually tbh, the migrate and update happens on ALL extensions I
but that's not an issue because if I run rake production
db:migrate:extensions the extensions work and install.  However, I
get this one to play nice at all.  So any help is appreciated (and
if this
is the wrong place to ask sorry) since I am new to RadiantCMS.

This is the right place to ask.
Extension development is usually done by their respective authors, so
you may want to contact them directly too if this list doesn't help.

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