Great stuff - thanks for that Jim.

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On Aug 18, 2009, at 5:09 AM, Sasa Babic wrote:

> wrote:
>> I've managed to work out why a bug is occuring (at least I assume  
>> it's a bug).  The bug is that when someone adds two page parts with  
>> the same name, you get two editing windows, one under the other.
>> This was happening for a client of ours and I had assumed it was  
>> some kind of Fckeditor bug, but I've just found that it reproduces  
>> very easily.  You can create a new page and add a new "body" page  
>> part and see the same thing.  They also stack up over time.
>> Not sure if this is a known issue.  It would be handy to give  
>> people an alert if they try to add a page part with the same name  
>> as one that already exists to prevent this happening.
>> This is in 0.7.1
> Its repeatable in 0.8.0 as well, but seems to be fixed in radiant  
> edge.

See this commit for fixing it locally:

Basically, open admin.js and change "caption" to "label" on line 126

Jim Gay

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