Radu Curteanu said the following on 10/14/2009 09:13 AM:
> Ok but then what is the way to work when working with a designer ? How can
> a developer and a designer work in this case ? Where should the designer
> put his work ? Is there a way to work around on this? I see that in the
> github repo there is an app folder with everything in it(app folder I
> mean).

Have you tried setting up a radiant site on your workstation or have you
just looked at the stuff at github?

I think that if you were to set up a site and go into the admin mode and
see a running site and try things out a lot of your questions would be

The later releases have a number of 'designs' that you can examine, but
you need to have a runing site to do that.

A number of people have already told you 'its in the database' and you
can't see what's in the database until you are up and running.

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I wonder why I wonder.
I wonder why I wonder why
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