Hello to all,

I'm still trying to get my head around designing a website with Radiant in 
mind. The biggest problem for me seems to be figuring out how to write the 
layout html so that Radiant "knows" where the content will go. For instance, 
with a multi-column layout how do you determine where the body or other page 
part will go in the layout so that it makes sense in Radiant.

Could any of you seasoned veterans explain the process you use to design a 
website with Radiant in mind. How do you create a theme? Create 1, 2 or more 
column layout?
I know that Radiant is only at 0.8.1 (stable) But there really needs to be 
better theming ability, and more documentation for those who struggle as I do 
with the programming end of things. I would also love to see a "Radiant CMS for 
dummies" or other instruction geared for beginners offered for sale.


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