The quick-and-dirty way is to add a <meta> tag to the HTML of your root 

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=/home" />

Or you could use an extension like Vapor that lets you create arbitrary 
redirects (I like Vapor a lot ;)


On 2/2/10 7:09 PM, Anton Aylward wrote:
> For various reasons I'd like to have the "Home" on my site menu go to
> "/home"   (and the "About" go to "/about" and so on.)
> Creating "/home" and the sections that go into it which get managed as
> child pages - for editing/organization reasons - isn't the problem.
> The problem is that people visit
> which is really
> or in radiant terms "/"
> and not
> Now I know if this was my own site I could play around with Apache and
> redirect, if I knew enough about Apache's redirect and had access to it,
> which I don't, and its all messed up by use of Dreamhost's funny
> implementation of Passenger anyway.
> I know there's 'routes.rb' but will that survive upgrades?
> I suspect not.
> Any other suggestions?  Is there something in Rails or Radiant that does
> this that I'm unaware of?

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