Hi Alexis

> I'd love to hear if anyone uses Radiant as a multi-user blog, and if
> so, how do you handle access? On WomensGivingTree.org, we really want
> to let other blog about their experiences with helping small NGOs, but
> at the same time, we are concerned about giving them access to our
> admin area. I was thinking that maybe I could add multi-user and then
> have a guest blogger username and password that we would give to the
> second (blogging) admin area. What do you think about that? If yoiu
> are doing or have done something different, we'd love to hear about it.

Not sure if this meets your needs, but when you create a new user in 
Radiant, you can assign them to be "Developer", i.e., developer of content.

Such a user gets access to (in my relatively default installation):
* Pages, Snippets, Layouts, Galleries
* Preferences, Logout

I think there is a way in the source to use is_admin? or something like 
that to decide if tabs can be shown to ordinary users.  I imagine you 
could also add a role and integrate that in, in some way.

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15/3/2010 | 1:15 PM.

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