New extension on the loose: PageFactory. This is another take on  
content types/page templates (defining structure for your pages.)

There are a few existing extensions which have tackled this, including  
a few in-house implementations here at Digital Pulp. But all of these  
have at least one of the following limitations:

* Content types are stored in the database. I have to dump content  
types to YAML to keep them in source control.
* Content types are just lists of parts. I want real objects that I  
can inherit and extend.
* The implementation limits my flexibility. I want to set up new pages  
easily, not restrict what I can do with them later.

So PageFactory takes a new approach: it's a small DSL for easily and  
intelligently defining content types. Each content type is a plain old  
Ruby class that you can keep in app/models.

Once your pages are created, PageFactory doesn't care what you do with  
your content. There's a set of rake tasks for keeping your pages in  
sync with their factory definitions, but it's completely up to you how  
to manage your pages and parts.

PageFactory only works on edge. There are some internals I'd like to  
refactor before I put it on the extension registry, but I think the  
interface is mostly stable. In the meantime I'd love to hear people's  
thoughts -- PageFactory spawned some lengthy discussion/debate when I  
demo'd it to my coworkers :)

See the readme for more on the goals and reasoning behind PageFactory.  
There's a detailed walkthrough in

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