Hello All,

It's spring... and I'm getting ready to revamp an old site.  Since the 
site has not been launched for a while, we have gone from a very sketchy 
prototype in 0.6.7 to a better prototype in 0.6.9.  Since then, I have 
moved it to 0.7.1 and most of the things work fine there.

However, as I said, it is spring!  We're getting ready to launch the 
site in a few weeks, and I thought it would be a good time to reconsider 
if we should move to 0.8.0 or even 0.9.0 - that's where I would like a 
bit of input!

The site uses the following extensions right now:
* Admin Breadcrumbs
* Aggregation
* Blog Tags
* Copy Move
* Comments (patched by me to avoid rendering error due to wrong level of 
* CodeRay
* Gallery
* paperclipped
* Reorder
* Radiant Settings
* RSpec gems (just so that it all runs)
* TEDN (tedn, ezlang) - my own extension for a few minor things

What I'm adding right now is:
* share layouts
* event calendar

I think I will also need something that allows people to email a page to 
others (ar_mailer?) and something that lets them submit feedback to us 
about the site (I know there's one for this, just can't remember the name).

Given these, I am wondering if the extensions all work happily together 
at a higher version.  What do you recommend?  Should I move to 0.8.0 or 
0.9.0 - or should I just stay at 0.7.1?


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