On 6/4/2010 12:29 AM, banane wrote:
> Question- why do you have reorder, and copy_move?

Copy move lets you copy or move pages to any place that you want.  At 
the same hierarchy level, reorder lets you decide the sequence of 
pages.  That is useful when you need pages to have a sequence.  For 
example, we have pages for each of the subsections in a chapter, and 
it's important that when we list them, etc., they must be in sequence.

Copy/ Move - http://wiki.github.com/radiant/radiant/copy-move-extension
Reorder - http://wiki.github.com/radiant/radiant/reorder-extension

> Mailer - sends a form to you via email.

Ya, actually I had meant Mailer (when I wrote ar_mailer in an earlier 
email)... I need to get down to that one!

> This is a common setup so you probably shoudln't have any issues
> upgrading, but I'd do it on a test environment first ;)

Thanks, I think we may start with 0.7.1/ 0.7.2 and then move to 0.8.0 or 
0.9.0 during the maintenance.

6/4/2010 | 1:11 AM.

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