On Apr 5, 2010, at 11:47 PM, Gran Ville Van Lintao wrote:

> Hi everyone, I'm quite new to radiant and ruby in general.
> Here's the problem:
> I'm creating an extension which allow visitors to fill-out some forms
> and allow the website admin to view and edit those submitted by the visitors.
> The extension works outside radiant, while it's still a rails app. But after
> I integrate with my radiant app by ff. the wiki, I get the following in my 
> browser after i ran "script/server"
>> undefined local variable or method `no_login_required' for 
>> SiteController:Class
> And the application trace:
>> /usr/local/Cellar/Gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.8.1/app/controllers/site_controller.rb:4
> My extension uses filters, administration, and scaffold-generated user and 
> various form controllers.
> Could there be any conflict to radiant when using any of these? I'm guessing 
> it's on the filters but I 
> can't narrow it down.
> I also tried uninstalling the extension by:
> script/extension uninstall
> and the radiant app is back to normal.

If it works once you uninstall your extension, you might need to post the 
extension code somewhere.

Have you written any tests for the extension?
Or could you turn off your filters and turn them on one by one checking for the 
error manually?

Jim Gay

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