Hi everyone, I'm quite new to radiant and ruby in general.

Here's my case:

I'm creating an extension which allow visitors to fill-out some forms
and allow the website admin to view and edit those submitted by the visitors.

The extension works outside radiant, while it's still a rails app. But after
I integrate with my radiant app by ff. the wiki, I get the following in my 
browser after i ran "script/server"

undefined local variable or method `no_login_required' for SiteController:Class

And the application trace:

My extension uses filters, administration, and scaffold-generated user and 
various form controllers.

Could there be any conflict to radiant when using any of these? I'm guessing 
it's on the filters but I 
can't narrow it down.

I also tried uninstalling the extension by:
script/extension uninstall
and the radiant app is back to normal.

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