Hey Everyone, I just started looking into Radiant to use as our team's CMS
and it looks pretty cool... you guys have done a great job!  My question
basically is about whether Radiant supports creating custom admin forms so
that someone non-technical could create a page.  Something like this
scenario that uses the "Articles" page and its children from the Roasters

A person who knows no html/ruby can go into the admin section and create a
new Article for a Meeting by just filling out certain fields like Meeting
Title( which is technically Page Title now), Date of Meeting, Location, and
Description.  This would just be simple form without the Page Parts (body,
extended).  And then a technical person would obviously have to write the
main Meetings page which aggregates its children and adds all of the
styling... something like this:

<r:children:each limit="5" order="desc">
<div class="entry">
  <h3><r:link /></h3> <-- This could stay as the title -->
    <div class="posted">
      Posted by <r:author /> on <r:date format="%B %d, %Y" /><em>|</em><img
src="http://spurrd.com/assets/123/comment.png"; /><a href="<r:url
/>#disqus_thread">Comments</a><em>|</em><r:link>Read full
  Date of Meeting: <r:content part="meeting_date" />
  Location: <r:content part="meeting_location" />
  Description: <r:content part="meeting_description" />

Is this possible out of the box or will it take a good amount of work to
change the model/controller logic behind the scenes?  Regardless of the
answer we are definitely going to use Radiant on a different project with
all technical people.  Please let me know if I am not making sense.

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