Check out the "scores" example in the wiki, it's similar to what you want to do:

My opinion on these matters is to minimally change the interface, by
adding extended parts, not to create a special extension. Check out
the user-access levels "member" extension
(, to simplify the
admin interface. This may remove a lot of the "tech" stuff you think
is confusing people.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 7:36 AM, Ryan Ferretti
<> wrote:
> Hey Everyone, I just started looking into Radiant to use as our team's CMS
> and it looks pretty cool... you guys have done a great job!  My question
> basically is about whether Radiant supports creating custom admin forms so
> that someone non-technical could create a page.  Something like this
> scenario that uses the "Articles" page and its children from the Roasters
> Template:
> A person who knows no html/ruby can go into the admin section and create a
> new Article for a Meeting by just filling out certain fields like Meeting
> Title( which is technically Page Title now), Date of Meeting, Location, and
> Description.  This would just be simple form without the Page Parts (body,
> extended).  And then a technical person would obviously have to write the
> main Meetings page which aggregates its children and adds all of the
> styling... something like this:
> <r:children:each limit="5" order="desc">
> <div class="entry">
>  <h3><r:link /></h3> <-- This could stay as the title -->
>    <div class="posted">
>      Posted by <r:author /> on <r:date format="%B %d, %Y" /><em>|</em><img
> src=""; /><a href="<r:url
> />#disqus_thread">Comments</a><em>|</em><r:link>Read full
> article</r:link>
>    </div>
>  Date of Meeting: <r:content part="meeting_date" />
>  Location: <r:content part="meeting_location" />
>  Description: <r:content part="meeting_description" />
> </div>
> </r:children:each>
> Is this possible out of the box or will it take a good amount of work to
> change the model/controller logic behind the scenes?  Regardless of the
> answer we are definitely going to use Radiant on a different project with
> all technical people.  Please let me know if I am not making sense.
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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