John and Josh. It just keeps getting better...

I tried out the latest edge version and really like the changes. The
drop-down selection of page types is very nice, and familiar to those of us
using Josh's excellent PageFactory extension. I was curious to see if
PageFactory would still work with these changes and, as I guessed, it did
not. It installs fine but the custom page type I defined is not included in
the drop-down selection of page types.

So, understanding that this is early development, I was wondering if you are
planning to integrate Josh's PageFactory and PageParts extensions into the
Radiant core? If so, this would be awesome.

On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 12:11 PM, John W. Long <> wrote:

> Josh French and I have just committed a series of changes to Radiant
> that will change the way page children are created (you must be
> running on edge to see the changes). Instead of creating a child page
> immediately, the “Add Child” button will now present you with a list
> of page types. The goal of this change is to move the selection of
> page type to page creation. This change is essential for a number of
> other ideas that we are considering.
> Read the full story here:
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> John Long


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