Hi Josh. I hope I didn't imply that I was keen to run edge and PageFactory.
That's not the case. My production site is running the 0.9 gem plus your
extensions (and others) and all is good. When I saw John's announcement
about the add-child menu, I installed a radiant edge instance on my laptop
to see what it looked like. Nice, very much like PageFactory and hence my
curiosity to see if the two played well together. Then the question:
wondering if you and John will merge/integrate PageFactory and the add-child
menu feature, essentially eliminating the need for a PageFactory extension.
I agree with you that PageParts should probably remain an extension.

>From an end-user perspective, that is, one who uses Radiant and various
extensions to manage a web site, extensions have always been somewhat
problematic. They don't always install cleanly, the install process varies,
some don't work together (eg. install extension A and extension B breaks),
and they often lag behind upgrades to new Radiant releases. This is not a
criticism; I think I understand some of the difficulties and I appreciate
all the hard work that goes into a project of this scope and complexity.
However, extensions remain the most difficult part of getting a Radiant site
up and running, as most of the discussions on this list will attest. So from
where I sit, PageFactory functionality in core would be one less extension
to deal with.

I know there have been a number of ideas discussed about bundling extensions
so one could do things like "radiant -basic <target dir>" or "radiant
<extension-bundle> <target dir>" to install radiant with a predefined or
custom set of extensions. Sounds great, but I would be happy to have a
repository of "approved/tested" (sorry, can't think of a better label)
extensions that are all know to work together, can be installed with the
same command which would automatically install any/all dependencies and
adjust config/environments.rb, if necessary, and would clearly show which
versions of Radiant they are known to work with.

Hope this is helpful and constructive.

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