On Jul 21, 2010, at 1:38 PM, Marshal Linfoot wrote:

I was curious to see if PageFactory would still work with these changes and, as I guessed, it did not. It installs fine but the custom page type I defined is not included in the drop-down selection of page types.

PageFactory hasn't been updated to work on edge. I believe it's mostly a matter of renaming some partials and replacing the Javascript with what is now in core.

So, understanding that this is early development, I was wondering if you are planning to integrate Josh's PageFactory and PageParts extensions into the Radiant core? If so, this would be awesome.

I'm considering a larger PageFactory rewrite that would drop the factory class and move a lot of the functionality onto the Page class itself -- that should make it more compatible with core in general, and with less replacing of internal code & views.

I also just put out the PageFields extension, which I am more keen on seeing in core specifically so that extensions like PageFactory could leverage it. It seems basic enough that I think it should remain stable & reliably present so that extension developers can safely build on it.

PageParts I've always seen as more of an advanced feature -- I'd be fine if this remained an add-on, to be honest.

There are planned enhancements to PageFields which would add the same kinds of types; I also think those should be housed in a separate extension, regardless of where the PageField plumbing lives.


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