Jim, I've used the sns extensions for some time now and, from a
non-developer perspective, am happy to see the functionality moved into
core. I'm sure developers will find it easier to work with, too.

I gave it a try on a test server that had sns, sns_page_hooks, sns_minifier,
sns_sass_filter already installed. Here are the steps I took:

1. rake radiant:freeze:edge
2. rake radiant:update
3. rake production db:migrate
4. removed all the sns* extensions with "script/extensions uninstall sns"
(for each extension)
5. rake radiant:update
6. rake production db:migrate:extensions
7. started the server and uploaded my css to the new stylesheets page
8. changed the stylesheet tag to read <r:stylesheet slug="main" as="link"
media="screen" /> in the layout
9. and for good measure, restarted the server

When I open the home page of the test site, the css is not applied. Viewing
the page source I see:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/main?1280848729"
media="screen" />

Typing either "localhost:3000/css/main?1280848729" or
"localhost:3000/css/main" in the browser URL field produces the same Page
Not Found result.

Have I missed some important step? Any ideas?

I haven't tried it on a clean, new radiant instance without any other
extensions yet.

Lastly, will you be adding the ability to minify the css/javascript like


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