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> Jim, I've used the sns extensions for some time now and, from a
> non-developer perspective, am happy to see the functionality moved into
> core. I'm sure developers will find it easier to work with, too.
> I gave it a try on a test server that had sns, sns_page_hooks,
> sns_minifier, sns_sass_filter already installed. Here are the steps I took:
> 1. rake radiant:freeze:edge
> 2. rake radiant:update
> 3. rake production db:migrate
> 4. removed all the sns* extensions with "script/extensions uninstall sns"
> (for each extension)
> 5. rake radiant:update
> 6. rake production db:migrate:extensions
> 7. started the server and uploaded my css to the new stylesheets page
> 8. changed the stylesheet tag to read <r:stylesheet slug="main" as="link"
> media="screen" /> in the layout
> 9. and for good measure, restarted the server
> When I open the home page of the test site, the css is not applied. Viewing
> the page source I see:
>     <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/css/main?1280848729"
> media="screen" />
> Typing either "localhost:3000/css/main?1280848729" or
> "localhost:3000/css/main" in the browser URL field produces the same Page
> Not Found result.
> Have I missed some important step? Any ideas?
> I haven't tried it on a clean, new radiant instance without any other
> extensions yet.
> Lastly, will you be adding the ability to minify the css/javascript like
> sns_minifier?
> --
> marshal

Thanks very much for testing this out, Marshal.

The part you missed is that there was no conversion of content from the SNS
records in the database to StylesheetPages and JavascriptPages.

SNS stores content in a text_asset table, but none of the steps you did
moved that content.

I haven't yet created the necessary migrations, but judging from your
experience here it looks like you'd assume that a migration would do the
trick. So I'll probably just add migrations to move the content from within
the Sheets extension.

And if you are moving from SNS, I've also allowed for the "name" attribute
to work. So your <r:stylesheet name="main" /> will still work, no need to
update to be a "slug" attribute instead.

Jim Gay
Saturn Flyer LLC

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