there are a couple of pages set up in the database for CSS, one for
CSS in general, then child pages for each actual CSS. When I took a
look, the status was set to 90, which is "pending". Hopefully Jim will
have this sorted out soon (or already).


On Aug 5, 6:18 pm, Marshal Linfoot <> wrote:
> Keith, how did you determine that the stylesheet was in draft status? I
> browsed my sqlite database looking for that and couldn't find the styesheet
> page anywhere.
> On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 5:23 AM, kbingman <> wrote:
> > Jim,
> > looks like there is a little bug here... the stylesheet is set to
> > draft after it is created. At least is was for me, which is probably
> > was Marshal is not getting it in his layout.
> > Keith
> > --
> marshal

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