This works great!!!

Looks like everything works, including copying and placing items at the same level or making them children of other items.

Thanks so much.


On 8/9/10 11:27 PM, banane wrote:
OK this seems to work for me. Master branch,

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 7:49 PM, Wes Gamble < <>> wrote:


    I've definitely verified that the "position" column on the Page
    model is being respected in the admin. page display.  When a
    parent page's children are requested using Page#children, the
    position value is also respected (it appears that if two pages
    have the same position value, then the primary key order
    prevails).  I can move pages around in the list "at will" by
    manipulating the "position" value directly.

    Sometimes, for whatever reason, the "position" columns of a set of
    pages at the same level are not being updated correctly.  I
    haven't been able to figure out if it has to do with the
    "direction" in which the items are being moved or not.

    I see drag/drop failing occasionally with an error of the type:

       SELECT * FROM "pages" WHERE (slug LIKE ''internal-political-issue'%%') AND 
("pages"."parent_id" = 1)

    which is again some silly syntax issue where there are too many
    quotes in the WHERE clause.

    I suspect maybe two things are going on:

    1) Whatever causes the SQL syntax error

    2) When an error occurs, a proper "rollback" of the original order
    may not be done (which is how you might end up with duplicated
    position values)


    On 8/9/10 9:21 PM, Marshal Linfoot wrote:
    Anna, thank you. I'll be happy to test your changes.

    On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 10:12 PM, banane <
    <>> wrote:

        I'll try to rework mine. I got a pull request a few weeks ago
        from someone who'd merged branches.

-- marshal

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